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About Us

Electricians in Sutton

PMR Electrical Services Ltd deliver Professional Electrical Services to clients across Sutton, Surrey, Croydon and the surrounding areas. If you need urgent assistance then call our 24 hour response team today.

Protecting you and your family

Do you know if your home is properly earthed? We have visited properties recently where the home has not been properly earthed. For example a local Banstead resident wanted to change their light switches to metal switches, in an attempt to make their home look more modern. However, the switches weren’t properly earthed and therefore the metal plates were also live, causing shocks or “belts” when turning the lights on or off. The solution is to make sure your home is properly earthed.

Commerical Electrics

PMR Electrical Services Ltd can deal with commercial and industrial electrics as well as household electrics. Many businesses in Sutton need electrical services, for example, PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing), adding additional power sockets and more. Does your office daisy chain extension leads in order to supply power for additional computers, laptops and more? They certainly shouldn’t! The costs involved to make sure you have adequate power sockets in an office far outweighs the possible dangers by linking extension leads.

Electrical Safety is of great importance

This may sound obvious but electrical safety in the home is very important – there are certain elements that have been done in the past by enthusiastic “DIYers” but if you move in to a home that has received electrical modification by a “DIYer” then how do you know that your new home is as safe as it should be? As recognised NICEIC Part P Electrical Safety Approved Domestic Installers, we cover households in Sutton and beyond and can check that your property is up to the required standard for electrical safety.

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